10 reasons why doing puzzles is great


Doing puzzles is fun wether you’re a kid or an adult.  But beyond putting pieces together, there are lots of reasons (probably more than 10) why you should motivate children (and not only children) spent some time doing puzzles:

1-      They’re a good exercice to train observation abilities.

2-      They increase the capabilty to solve problems.

3-      They’re a good tool to get focused and to keep the attention.

4-      Puzzles help to increase patience and tolerate better the difficulties.

5-      They’re a good tool to improve fine motor skills.

6-      They are a good tool for socializing and to work in teams.

7-      They’re very good for motivation and the self-confidence.

8-      Visual memory gets increased.

9-      They’re a good activity to develop strategy.

10-   Puzzles are good to improve organisation skills.

Can you think of a more complete game? Have you got more reasons why it’s a good idea to spent some time doing puzzles? Let us know!


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