Londji at Maison et Objet in Paris

Twice a year from Londji we get our suitcases and go to Paris to the “Maison et Object” Fair to present the novelties that we have been working on in our studio.  There, we have the chance to eat croissants, have a look to the Eiffel tower, practice some languages and present our new products.

They are some unique moments since for the first time we can see the reaction of the public to the surrealistic proposals that we often make them.

A Fair with a lot of “charm”, where there is a selection of all the best products you will find in the shops on the following month and which attract potential buyers from all around the world.

Londji Maison et Objet

Mr Londji

About Mr. Londji

Londji’s toys are a fusion of creativity, imagination and desire to play. Poetic games, of well cared design, 100 % playable. For children from 3 to 103 years old.
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