10 reasons why doing puzzles is great


Doing puzzles is fun wether you’re a kid or an adult.  But beyond putting pieces together, there are lots of reasons (probably more than 10) why you should motivate children (and not only children) spent some time doing puzzles:

1-      They’re a good exercice to train observation abilities.

2-      They increase the capabilty to solve problems.

3-      They’re a good tool to get focused and to keep the attention.

4-      Puzzles help to increase patience and tolerate better the difficulties.

5-      They’re a good tool to improve fine motor skills.

6-      They are a good tool for socializing and to work in teams.

7-      They’re very good for motivation and the self-confidence.

8-      Visual memory gets increased.

9-      They’re a good activity to develop strategy.

10-   Puzzles are good to improve organisation skills.

Can you think of a more complete game? Have you got more reasons why it’s a good idea to spent some time doing puzzles? Let us know!


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Beauty in motion

At Londji we love tops, and we’re not alone in the fascination for these wonders. In the 20′s of XXth century, the Bauhaus designer Hirschfeld-Mack made a top with seven variously color paper discs to experiment with the relationship of shape and color. Also the best-known designers and architects Ray and Charles Eames where so captivated in these toys and its movement, that in 1969 they filmed a short-film with 133 different spinning tops from around the world.

133 tops but none like ours! At Londji We wanted to drop a grain of sand in the top’s world, for this reason we have recovered the traditional wooden twist top to give it new shapes and colors. Can you imagine strawberry shaped tops? Or drop of water shaped? Don’t you think they’re amazing?

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Déjà Vu

We present Déjà Vu, our last video.  Déjà Vu is the result of the work of the illustrator Queralt Armengol after she won  Londji‘s Illustration Award 2016. Let your imagination run free and enjoy it!!


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The new projects for next Maison et Objet are just starting to walk

Añadir objetoThree little pigs by londji

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Make a face with magnets! new video!

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New video Londji Notebooks

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New website www.londji.com


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Londji at Maison et Objet & Top Drawer September 2013


Londji at Maison & Top Drawer

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The Paper Family – Londji

Londji pays tribute to the traditional game of dressing up paper dolls, though we don’t dress up only one doll but the whole family!

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September Trade Fairs

Paris - London

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Londji at Formex & Maison et Objet January 2013


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New video Little Red Magnets

I presentem amb tots els honors un video dels nostres imans de la caputxeta. Deliciós!


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New video “My tree puzzle”

Et une nouvelle vidéo pour le puzzle de l’arbre de Londji.  Nous espérons que vous l’aimez  si que  nous et nous attendons vos commentaires!


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Londji at Maison et Objet September 2012

Londji at Maison et Objet in Paris

Londji at Maison et Objet in Paris

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Londji at Top Drawer September 2012

Londji at Top Drawer in London

Londji at Top Drawer in London

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The conception of a new toy

Occasionally, ideas come out of the blue, like magic. It is like they tell your mind: hey, I’m great, let me get out!
In other occasions, however, ideas need to consciously be sought. We develop them in a methodological way, always making them grow from the heart and soul of Londji.
The initial idea – more or less clear – is developed by Londji’s team. The idea progressively grows by manipulating and transforming it in many different ways and directions until it reaches the maturity stage. It is at that moment when drawings, documents, notes, artworks and more changes… start.
We would like to share with you some moments of such process, the process of converting an idea into a new toy that becomes part of Londji’s universe.

Micropuzzle Londji


Micropuzzle Londji

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New video “Piggy Bank”!

We are happy to show you our latest video, featuring the “Piggy Bank”! We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to hearing your comments!


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New video “round puzzle circus”!

We are delighted to present you the new video “Circus round puzzle”. Poetry in motion!

Have a look at the video and enjoy it! Thank you Àfrica & Àlex.

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The Fruit Tops are finalist in the 2012 Delta Design Awards

Londji Fruit Spinning tops

The Fruit Top collection, the healthiest spinning tops in the planet, has been selected finalist for the Delta Design Awards 2012. The purpose of these awards is to encourage public recognition of those products which stand out because of their innovative character, for their conceptual originality, the response among the public and their environmental impact, as well as their design and manufacturing quality. Thank you Andreu Carulla!

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L’Ànima de Londji

Ahir els amics del programa Ànima del canal33 van fer un reportatge sobre la creativitat a Banyoles i Londji va ser-hi present! Ens ha agradat molt ser-hi presents. Gràcies Júlia i companyía!

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“Remember the milk” video

We are pleased to introduce a new video for the product “remember the milk”. Thank you Àfrica&Àlex!!

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Londji at Maison et Objet fair 2012

We travelled together with the box family to Paris at the Maison et Objet fair. They love travelling inside the luggage and discovering new places. Mr. John Box, the father, took some photos:

Londji with their heads in the skies

Londji buscando la playa bajo los adoquines

Londji looking for the beach underneath the cobblestones

Londji y la Box Family de paseo

Londji and the Box family waltzing around the city

Londji The Box Family

John Box: “We love visiting new places! Where are the croissants?”

Londji comiendo croissants

Londji and the Box family: “Croissants!!”

Vista parcial Stand de Londji

John Box: “Finally we arrived to the Londji’s stand!”

Londji Stand Maison et Objet

Charlotte Box: “We adore the spinning tops!”

Londji Maison et Objet

John Box: “We’ll always remember Paris guys”

Next week Londji carries on with the European tour. We’re going to Frankfurt at Ambiente fair. See whether we can give you another short report!

Mr. Londji & the Box Family

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Micropuzzle Citronnade

Londji new puzzle!

La machine de citronnade

At Londji we love to be challenged. So, in line with our motto “Toys for kids from 3 to 103 year olds” we present a difficult and demanding puzzle, made of 150 minuscule pieces. This is a real challenge even for the cleverest people in the house. The pieces are so small that the puzzle fits into a test tube.

If you can complete the puzzle, you will see the extraordinary rodent-powered-lemon-squeezing-machine, driven only by a mouse running on a wheel. Perhaps one day all lemonade and fruit juice will be produced this way, but for now, we already have the machine

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New Project: A Round puzzle

At Londji we have always liked round shapes: the moon, the earth, bubbles, balls …. So we thought to introduce a round shaped product and …. that’s done: the round puzzle circus!

A round shaped puzzle about the world of circus.

The first samples already are in our atelier…the gestation period is nearly finished. The “baby” is due September the 9th when it will be welcomed with all the honors.

A “baby’s” picture:

Londji Round Puzzle

The original round puzzle circus (by Londji)

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Londji at Maison et Objet in Paris

Twice a year from Londji we get our suitcases and go to Paris to the “Maison et Object” Fair to present the novelties that we have been working on in our studio.  There, we have the chance to eat croissants, have a look to the Eiffel tower, practice some languages and present our new products.

They are some unique moments since for the first time we can see the reaction of the public to the surrealistic proposals that we often make them.

A Fair with a lot of “charm”, where there is a selection of all the best products you will find in the shops on the following month and which attract potential buyers from all around the world.

Londji Maison et Objet

Mr Londji

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Londji, creative toys

Cardboard Chess

At londji we make toys. We often speak about Londji as a fusion of imagination, creativity and desire to play.

Our vocation is to make toys which appeal, first of all obviously to the youngest members of the family, but also to the parents who can suddenly find themselves, 20 or 30 years later, on all fours on the living room floor playing pirates or setting up a cardboard puzzle and, what is more important, reliving those sensations we thought had disappeared into oblivion.

At Londji we look after the design of our toys, an aspect that is too often underestimated, and we give it the dignity such a serious thing as a toy deserves.

From this blog we will be talking about subjects we may find interesting, related to Londji new projects as well as to the world of toys.

Mr. Londji

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Londji and the Milk Magazine

Milk is a French reference magazine within the world of children’s trends. It has published a very nice article about Londji which we attach on pdf format. We hope you enjoy it. They make a very good summary of what Londji is.

Mr. Londji

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